We create artistic elements applied to a specific need.

Gonzalo de Salas creations are the result of the evolution of the creative work of art applied to the design of decorative objects. With the same essence as in sculpture, but not forgetting for one moment the functionality of the object, the materials are mixed obtaining surprising solutions. The result is a balance between aesthetics and functionality, pandering to the viewer through the beauty of the shapes, textures and nobility of the materials. From the first step, each piece is made to measure according to the highest standards of quality, ensuring a perfect finish.

CONTEMPORARY LINE: Actual Elegance made out of oak

A mid-range furniture catalog made in natural oak and wenge finished oak. The designs base their beauty and elegance on a balance between large solid volumes, straight lines and the combination of colors and wood finishes.

Made always on demand, this models are also available with other finishes like walnut, cherry, Off white, decapés, lacquered colors, etc.

Atria sideboard desk


Sideboard Desk

120 x 60 x 60 cm

Wengue finished oak

Cupboard Atria


Cupboard Desk

200 x 187 x 45 cm

Wengue finished oak

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