Our aim is to offer our customers great personality objects that convey particular emotions as do art works.

In Gonzalo de Salas we dedicate our effort to create art applied to design, we offer a unique distinction in a world where aesthetics is subordinated to the dictates of economies of scale, fashion and mass production.

Our philosophy is based on the development of plastic elements that make every project unique and unrepeatable, thus we guarantee our customers a differentiation based on good taste, exclusivity and functionality.

The result is a collection of unique objects, mainly for their beautiful, smooth, simple, and light shapes that have a role in the everyday. A balance between aesthetics and functionality that satisfies the senses of the viewer through the beauty of their shapes, textures and nobility of the materials.

The conceptual simplicity and harmony in its aesthetics, the modernity and functionality are the principles that inspire the designs Gonzalo de Salas, certainly a different way of doing things.

ARCO: Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid

ARCO: Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid

Showroom (by appointment) : C/ Diana 66, Las Rozas de Madrid , 28232 Madrid        Tel. +34 696402736        gds@gonzalodesalas.com

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